Hi, Amber & Lori:

First, let me say how thrilled we are that you took the time to visit with us today, and that you took the time to respond.

On 10/04/06, a preacher/friend of Jerry Falwell’s appeared on his Sunday morning televised worship service from his church in Lynchburg,
VA.  The preacher’s last name was Vine (do not recall the first name).  The topic of his sermon was “Heaven:  how do we get there?” (or
something along that line.)  As his text, this Mr. Vine chose
Rev. 7:1.

In general, it appears that Mr. Vine’s message was nothing more than a classic case of beating around the bush.  He did not seem to take the
subject or his hearers’ need to get there very seriously at all.  “You get to heaven,” he said, “in one of two ways:  by way of resurrection or, by
way of the rapture”.  Nothing else was said relative to God’s plan of salvation, as rather, most of his emphasis was placed upon a series of
things he felt Christians could except, or, what he thought would happen when they get there.  Mr. Vine said repeatedly—to Mr.  Falwell, and in
the hearing of his audience—that he was “having a good time.”  One can only wonder why?!

The reality is, however,
the first step to getting to heaven is a right relationship with the God of heaven and earth based upon a right
relationship to and understanding of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene
.  Get to know Him (you cannot get to heaven without Him).  Understand
Him.  Ultimately, this can only be accomplished with regular, systematic, Bible study.  In so doing, we hear Him first issue
a command:  Repent
(Matthew 4:17; please note that this is indeed a "command", not a 'suggestion'.)!  Paul the apostle, a servant of His sent out to get the ball
rolling (so to speak) so that the gospel could be taken into all the world (beyond the land of the Jews), enlarges upon that simple command
slightly in his message to those at Athens, Greece (I believe the 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held there last year, were they not?), as he
points out that while
God in times past (that, is before the advent of Jesus Christ) allowed all men to do as they pleased (without
confrontation from Him), He now commands all men everywhere to “
repent(Acts 17:30).  Peter and John, following the lead of their
Lord, in
Acts 2:38 & 3:19, admonished their hearers to “repent” in the name of Jesus, be converted and baptized (spiritually identified with Him
in His death, burial and resurrection—of which water baptism is only a symbol).  In so doing their sins and ours would/will be forgiven, and we,
as did they, will receive the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God
[He lives in us, on behalf of Jesus the Christ (JN. 14:16, 26; 15:26; 16:13,
).  His coming to live in us is considered by God to be a “baptism”, by means of which we are identified with our Lord Jesus Christ, as
members of His body (
I Cor. 12:11-13; water baptism symbolizes our participation in His death, burial and resurrection—RM.s 6:3-11; Col. 2:
).  It is by means and by virtue of this identification and association, that we receive a righteous standing in God’s eyes.  Our righteousness is
therefore an “imputed” righteousness, meaning it is not ours, as rather it belongs to Someone else—that being God’s only Son, Jesus.  This is
how we are recognized as saved in Heaven, before God.
].  This is where it all starts, Amber & Lori.  The road to heaven begins with a simple
act of obedience to that simple call to “
repent.  That said, the implication is clear, is it not girls?  If God has issued an directive, demanding
that all men, all around the world, in every time zone, in every jurisdiction, in every circumstance is to “
repent”—i.e., which means to have a
change of heart, think differently
(about life and living; that is, learn to think God’s thoughts), turn around or away from one’s past life of sin
and rebellion
—does this not signify that something then, must be wrong?  If something is wrong, what then can it be, you ask wisely?  

In contra-distinction to this Biblical teaching--making both Son and the Father 'liars'--there is a widely held dogma straight from the pit, a hellish
doctrine that is widely circulated in the churches, and televised around the world by the TBN & Daystar pentecostal crowd (and their noted
affiliates like Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, and others) that says "there is no need to tell a person about his need to change".  That is, one should
never be told he needs to "repent".  "Just bring them to Jesus", they say, "and the Spirit will change them once they are saved".  In so many
word, Jesus is a Liar, and so was the Father (given that the apostles and the Christ were preaching what He told them to!)!  He is the One
responsible for any change in directions He expects on your behalf (is what this type of teaching implies), thus, if one's change never comes, He
is to blame!  It is all God's fault!  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  

Again, Paul helps our understanding by calling our attention to the fact that
all men—that is, every man, woman, and child ever conceived—
are in God’s eyes guilty of sin
(a missing of the “mark”; i.e., we are totally unable to ever live up to His Holy standards, of our own accord—
Romans 3:23).  Without His correction and guidance, we are capable only of sin and rebellion, and so are worthy only of His rejection.  As in
the first two thousand years (or so) of human history, following which mankind was destroyed by God in the waters of the world wide flood,
so likewise, the hearts of men and women since the flood only tend to get worse and worse as time goes on, growing farther and farther away
from the things of God; never closer (
Genesis 6:5-13).  Like the ancient Jews of Isaiah’s day (64:6), we can justly proclaim before our Holy
and just God that “
we are all as foul and unclean things; every righteous deed we do is in His eyes like a woman’s used, filthy menstruation
”.   There is none among all humanity, past present or future, who could or can ever live life so righteously before God so as to
be accepted of Him, of his own merit
(Romans 3:9-12).  Why is this so, how can it be you ask?  

Once more, Paul the apostle comes to our aid by pointing out that our plight, our condition in the Eyes of God is due primarily and precisely to
the fact that we are born of
Adam’s race.  When he disobeyed God in that Garden of Eden by yielding to the voice of his wife, Eve, who in
turn had already yielded to the voice of the devil working through that serpent, Adam set the tone, if you will, he established a blueprint which
determined and defined what all of us his offspring would be like (
Romans 5:12-19).  That is, the lives and destinies of all six billion (+) people
in the world today, as well as all those who have lived and died before, have been shaped and tainted by that one man’s failure.  The Old
Testament prophet Isaiah, describing the infidelity of the Jews (theirs is typical of the plight of all of Adams’ descendants, before God), says,
“all of us like sheep have gone astray; we have all turned away to pursue our own ways” (
53:6).   Therefore, we understand, don’t we ladies,
that being as we are all initially on a path that might lead to any place but to heaven (to eternal hell fire and sulfur, actually), about all we ever had
to do, in order “
not” to get to heaven, was be born!  Which, then, brings us full circle, doesn’t it?!  How then does one get to heaven?  

Of this you may be assured, Amber,
Lori:  no one can, has, or will ever get to heaven by being good, or by simply feeling sorry for sins
or shortcomings, nor will anyone ever get there by joining or becoming a member of a church
(whether Roman Catholic, Greek
Orthodox, Protestant, Mormon, Muslim, Jehovah’s Witnesses
or otherwise).  Denominational affiliation will not get a man to heaven.  In
addition to the aforementioned
command and call to repentance, Jesus also issues this invitation:  “Let all who are burdened and troubled by
the cares and concerns of this life come to Me, for I will refresh you
(give you rest and refreshment for your souls)” (Matthew 11:28-30; see
Side Bar # 2).  He then promises that those taking the time to learn of Him will find the demands and expectations He levies, to be light and
easy, thanks to His meekness, His gentleness and lowliness of heart (or humbleness; that in contrast to the world’s arrogance, its domineering
demands, whether religious, political, or social, whereby it seeks to coerce and squeeze us into its mold, under its control).  As then, my young
friends, we obey the call to repentance, and as we accept His open invitation to come, we are urged on from there to the preliminary
of our heaven bound journey.  It is imperative that all saints understand that God the Father and God the Son fully expect everyone to
take seriously the business of
spiritual education and enlightenment, base precisely upon, centered and rooted firmly in the whole Word of
God—not simply
cute little Jesus stories, and select biblical anecdotes designed and orchestrated so as to cleverly weed out things deemed
undesirable or offensive to our rebellious human nature
(this is a very common practice, in practically all American churches today, where tired,
re-cycled and regurgitated sermons—maybe of a particular type—are the norm; Sunday school and Bible study lessons are often “messed” over,
with relish and great delight.  In virtually no case is pastor or teacher intent on making sure that his flock is ever thoroughly acquainted with the
whole Word of God—which is
His heart’s desire!).  Moreover, during this education process, we are made fully aware of the fact that (among
other things) insofar as there are ways that seem or look right to us all (
Proverbs 16:25), we need to be extremely careful, and alert in our daily
walk.  This is because, contrary to popular misperceptions being propagated by various denominations and other religions around the world (at
this hour), the scriptures (and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself) teach that
all roads do not lead to heaven, or to God—of this, He would have all
prospective saints be fully apprised.  In fact, it is safe to assert or say, per Jesus’ own declarations and teachings, that all roads except One lead
straight to the Lake of Fire and eternal damnation (I might add that this includes the roads of Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s witnesses,
Islam, and most, if not all the evangelical/fundamentalist Protestant denominations).  In
Matthew’s gospel, chapter 7:13, 14, Jesus warns that
when we inquire and seek after the road to heaven, we will find ourselves faced, as it were, with
a choice between two gates, each marked
Heaven”, the one being a broad entrance, leading straight to destruction and damnation—it is the one most pleasing and readily acceptable to
the worldly mind which wants to be religious, albeit
on its own terms, not Gods; there are and will be a lot of people marching through this gate
it is the path most traveled; it is the purported path to heaven where men and women are much more ready to defer to their own thoughts and
opinions, ideas and assumptions—beliefs formulated with little regard for solid basis in scripture—about how to relate to the Almighty, than to
the written Word of God itself.).  We are told to expect and anticipate that a lot of
false prophets (false teachers and preachers; our churches
today are full of them) and, in the end,
false Christs or people claiming to be the Christ Himself, will come pandering and peddling this broad
gate (
Matt. 7:15-23; 24:23, 24).  They do and will always bring something to fit every appetite turned off by the One and only acceptable
alternative in God’s Eyes.  Jesus goes on to issue a further statement in warning such that the broad gate, opening up onto the broad way, will
engulf a lot of
professing Christians.  All of these will be allowed to come before God the Son (the Lamb) at the Great White Throne
, having the audacity to claim—in some measure, with some degree of justification—to have been very active in His Name (Matt. 7:
).  For these “saints”, He has a “canned”, prefabbed greeting:  “I have no idea who you folks are; get out of My Sight, out of My
Presence, for your works (all the things you have indeed done) amount to nothing more than iniquity

Side Bar 1

Please note that Jesus is not denying that these folks did what they will be given more than ample opportunity to claim that they did, nor is He
denying that the things they did were done in His Name; the problem for all these
spiritual rejects is, because they refused to heed the call to
learn of Me” (Christians today do not realize that this means the whole Bible, not just the gospel narrative accounts), they, therefore, never got
to know Him; thus, they failed to realize that there is

man’s prescription for service, and then, on the other hand, there is God’s prescription for service—and that’s the one that counts!  It is the one
that prepares one for the next entrance.  Kind of lends new meaning to the proverbial expression, “the path of any fool looks right in his own
eyes; but, it is the one who listens to counsel (from God) who is wise—see
Proverbs 14:15.

The other gate, the Lord says, is constricted, narrow, opening onto the path least followed, not particularly inviting or popular in the eyes of
the masses, yet
that is the gate that leads onto the way leading to life eternal in the presence of Almighty God and His Lamb. It is the
one after which you inquire, ladies, whether or not it is the one you want.  It is the gate to which the Holy Spirit of God (
Rev. 22:17), in
concert with the Lord Jesus (
Matt. 11:28-30), invites all who thirst after righteousness and long to know the route to heaven, to “come”.  What
is this path, you ask, and how does one get onto it?  Listen, “
I am the Way, I am the Truth, and I am the Life”, He says in John's gospel, 14:6,
no one can ever get to the Father except he first come through Me”.   How can He speak thus so dogmatically?  Why is it necessary, for one to
wanting to go the Heaven, to go through Jesus, you wonder?  

God made this world and man upon it, He knew already that man would fall.  Therefore, prior to beginning the work of construction, a
plan was laid out
.  One might say that this plan was at least multi-pronged, or that it has several phases:  phase 1) calls for the construction
project to go ahead, in spite of the fact that it (being perfect and flawless when completed) would fail, due first to Lucifer’s failure (
Isa. 14: ;
Eze. 28:
), phase 2) calls for the rejection and destruction of all that He has done (because of Lucifer’s fall), phase 3) calls for a retrofitting of
the earth, per the
Genesis 1 & 2 accounts, so that the earth was refurbished to resemble the world as we know it today, including man and all
other living things, followed by man’s choice of rebellion, over obedience; while
phase 4) calls for the provision and subsequent, eventual
implementation of
a plan of redemption, or salvation whereby all who would accept counsel could be ransomed from the next and final round
impending destruction.  As a consequence of
Adam’s fall, and mankind’s rebellious condition as a result, as noted above, we are told by
Paul the Apostle in
Acts 17:31 that “God has set a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness, by the Man whom He has
ordained; the assurance of this having been certified to all men, by the fact that He (God) has raised Him (Jesus the Christ) from the
”.  Thus, we see, do we not ladies, that before there can be any talk of going to heaven, the sin question has first to be dealt with.  The
price for sin
, we are told, again by Paul in Romans 6:23, is death (or eternal separation, alive, but away from God, in the Lake of Fire and
(yellow sulfur), with no prospect of ever coming near Him again. This is the only way, personally, that any man born of Adam’s
seed, including
Adam and Eve themselves, could ever hope to pay the penalty for their sinful condition before a Righteous and Holy God.).  We
cannot in anyway, ever, extricate ourselves from the penalty of sin or make ourselves righteous in the Eyes of Almighty God, so as to be
welcomed into heaven
.  Yet, by God’s design and predetermination, some from the race of men are expected in Heaven.  For, and before this
can occur though (before anyone can go to Heaven),
somebody has or had to pay the debt we all owe (we cannot).  This, girls, is where
Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life comes in.  He is also called the Lamb of God, who in Himself takes away the sins of the World
[harking back again to the OT, Isaiah puts it very well:  “most assuredly He has borne our griefs, carrying sorrows rightfully ours; we thought He
was being punished by God for His own wrongs.  Actually, He was wounded for a missing of the mark that we have committed, and bruised for
our wrongs:  the punishment which made peace (with God) for us, fell upon Him; because He took our stripes, we are/will be untouched (and
left in right standing with God)…for, the Lord God has made Him accountable and responsible for all of our wrongs
…..” (Isa. 53:4-

Side Bar 2

It must be noted that “Coming” to Jesus is not, nor was it ever intended to be merely about us, and our salvation (that is, we are not saved just
for the sake of being, saved!).  Rather,
the call to come is more about preparation, for service.  As God looks out over this lost, sin-laden world,
He sees a vast field of otherwise hopeless souls that is ripe for the harvest.  Pray, Jesus says, to
the Lord of the harvest (God the Father), for
and increase in the labor pool, so that the field of lost ones may be harvested of those who will hear His call (
Matt. 9:36-38).  Therefore, it
might well be said that
the name of the game is the salvation of souls, not simply the saving of yours.  Hence, the “buck” does not stop with
you or me, once we are saved.  We cannot sit on our “duffs” after being saved, waiting for the “rapture” to drop in.  While it does not
automatically follow that you or I will be called to the ministry, to pastor a congregation or to teach a Sunday school or Bible study class, one
upon being saved needs to begin immediately to saturate his mind, his heart and soul, with the Word of God, desiring it, craving and searching
for it as when a new born baby thirsts for its mothers milk (
I Peter 2:2; see also Hebrews 5:11-14).  For the new saint this will accomplish
several things:  
1) it will prepare him and help him to find his place in the church (considered the physical, visible, tangible body of Christ, here
on earth controlled by Him as the Head up in Heaven, through His written word the Bible and His Holy Spirit within us), so that he may be of
service, and properly utilized to his maximum potential, in bringing others to a saving knowledge of Jesus the Christ and thus, into the fold (it is
important that all Christians learn to view and appreciate the fact that
the church, an assembly of called out saved souls, is—in the Eyes, heart
and hands of the Almighty—
a living organism, having various individual parts, each capable of and fitted for some specific task.  No part can
ever expect to perform in accord with the Master’s wish without adequate and proper preparation.),
2) it will provide proper inoculation, that the
saint may be able to discern and withstand the attacks, assaults of the devil (chief adversary of God the Almighty) when he comes (and, oh yes!  
He will come!) with his own bag of tricks and traps with which to disrupt the saint’s budding walk, to shake and destroy his faith.  Strangely
perhaps, ironically for sure, he will do this and is doing now much of his dirty work from within the churches, not from the outside.  
Christianity in America today is said to be a multi-billion dollar industry, and he controls it.   

How do we get to heaven, girls?  In light of
God’s manifest plans, as stated above, and having heard God’s call to repentance, as well as
Jesus’ invitation to “come” and having been given ample opportunity to explore the options (broad gate/narrow gate), you begin by
recognizing that after all that
there really is nothing we can do to save ourselves.  No matter how good we are, repentance and/or good
works alone will never get one into heaven
.  What then, must one do?  

God will destroy this world, as we know it, as planned.  
He will destroy mankind in the Lake of  Fire and Sulfur, according as it was
predetermined, in eternity past
.  However, mankind is not locked into this fate, except by his own stubborn refusal to heed and obey the call to
repentance (there are many who are just that).  God has provided
a Way of escape.  To get to heaven, Amber & Lori, “A man must be born
(i.e., from above, that is in accord with God’s heavenly plan) of Water (Jesus often used water to symbolize the indwelling of the Holy
and of the Spirit (the Holy Spirit of God the Father, who comes to take up residence in every heart willing to bow before the Son) in
order to see the Kingdom of God
(i.e., to get to Heaven)” (John 3:3-5; 4:10, 14; 7:37-39).  This necessitates that we all realize that Jesus
Christ the Nazarene is the Way
(the embodiment of the only road or path), the Truth (everything that God as to say about sin and salvation
is all wrapped up in Jesus), and
the Life (the eternal life that God offers to all hangs on the name of His only Son, and is imparted to us by way
of His Holy Spirit),
without Whom, no man can ever hope to reach the Father, or to enter Heaven (John 14:6; 1:4).  

There is no other road to salvation (thus, into Heaven), as there is no other name outside of Heaven, anywhere among men by which
any man could ever be saved
(Acts 4:12).  Great, you say?  So where do we go from here?  Know this, that “God loved the world of men so
much that He gave His only Son
(Jesus Christ) that anyone who will put his faith, trust, and confidence, in Him as Lord and Savior, will be
delivered from that awful eternal destruction
.” (John 3:16; in that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, this does not mean that God had physical
sexual relations with a woman, in this case Mary, in order to procreate this Son; to get a better idea of how the birth of Jesus came about, visit
www.biblestudyhour.net/TheGospelataGlance.html and www.biblestudyhour.com/Trinity. html; also see www.biblestudyhour.com/Jesus.
).  Dr. Luke quotes Peter before Cornelius, a Roman centurion, and Paul in a Jewish Synagogue in Antioch, Pisidia (as well as from a
jail cell in Philippi) as independently making the following declarations relative to the benefits and perks of belief (faith, trust and confidence; see
Side Bar #3) in the Name of Jesus Christ:  1) all who believe will be blessed with sins remitted (forgiven), 2) those whose sins are forgiven will
be saved, and
3) having been forgiven and saved, believers will then be justified (declared to be righteous) before God (Acts 10:42-43; 16:31;

Side Bar 3

In addition, it must be borne firmly in mind that the “believer”, per the Mind and economy of God, is not simply one who has faith, trust and
confidence that there is a God or even one God, or, who believes that Jesus was a real person or even the Son of God (God has
demons, fallen
spirits who rebelled, along with Satan, who are “believers”, and they do so, mixing their faith with
trembling (and great fear); see James 2:19;
you believe that there is only one God”, James says, “so what, or big deal, if it makes no difference in your life”.  Jesus makes a similar point
Luke 6:46, when He queries His followers, “why are you calling me Lord—claiming to ‘believe’—when, in the end, you do nothing I tell
.”).  Rather, the “believer” that God has envisioned here and throughout scripture, is that individual who, having come in repentance
and faith, has yielded himself and his life, committed himself to the things of God so as to be re-commissioned, as it were, into a vessel, fit
for the Master’s use
.  It is this person of whom God speaks, then, when He says that the one believing will not be destroyed in the Lake of
Eternal Flames, as rather he will be given eternal life in Heaven, because he has believed on the Son (
John 3:15, 36).  Therefore, then, we join
with Paul in proclaiming that there is now no condemnation for anyone who is in Christ Jesus, who are no longer lead or guided by their old
secular appetites, as they are now lead by the Spirit of the God who Himself lives (
Romans 8:1) within us.  

To as many as will receive or believe on His Name, to them God gives the right to be called the Sons of God (John 1:12).”  It is imperative,
girls, that you bear firmly in mind that there is no such thing as receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, having faith in Him, while at the
same time by-passing, neglecting or minimizing His and the Father's commands to "repent".  He who receives Him, receives Him and
He taught.  He who rejects this expectation, rejects both Him and the Father, insofar as, Jesus did and taught only what God the Father told Him
to say (teach/preach) and do.  He was never making stuff up as He went alone, simply because He was the Son of the Living God.

In summation, Amber, Lori, one might say—and that correctly—that road to Heaven is in the finale all about God’s grace and mercy.  “
For it is
by grace that we are saved, upon the simple cost to us of faith (in what God has done through Jesus Christ), and that not of ourselves, it is
the gift of God, not at all based on our works, so that, and, to the end that none will ever be able to stand before God and boast of how he
was able to save himself
” (Ephesians 2:5-9).  This instruction, Paul gave to the Christians in the church at place called Ephesus.  In a letter to
his son in the faith, Timothy was told similarly that God “
saves us and calls us with a calling that is holy, having nothing to do with our
works, as rather our salvation and calling are according to His purpose and grace, bestowed upon us in Christ Jesus, per a plan formulated
and implemented before He even made us or the world in which we live
” (II Tim. 1:9).  This same apostle wrote to the Thessalonians,
informing them that “
they too were chosen from the beginning for salvation via sanctification (state of being set apart) by the Holy Spirit,
based only upon their embrace of the Truth, to which they were called by the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ
” (II Thessalonians 2:
13, 14
).  Finally, Paul rounds out the path to Heaven with words of wisdom penned to another of his young colleagues in the faith when he
asserts that it is “
not by any works of righteousness we have performed, as rather it is according to His mercy that He has saved us; by the
washing of regeneration, and renewal from the Holy Spirit (who now lives within our hearts and marks all believers as belonging to God), who
has been poured out freely, richly upon us by Jesus Christ our Savior; so that, as we are now declared to be righteous and having been cleared
of all our former guilt, we are now also heirs of the hope of eternal Life” (
Titus 3:5-7; Peter, also an apostle lends support by extending
blessing to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His mercy, both bountiful and plentiful, has given us new birth
to a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
”—see I Peter 1:3).  

So, you want to go to Heaven, do you, ladies?  Good!  God would love to have you there.  To get there,
remember three things:  1) the
command and call
:  repent—have a change of heart, turn away from all sin and wrong doing, 2) the invitation:  come!—just as you are, in
repentance; do not try to make yourself good enough to be accepted on your own before hand; it will never happen; you can never make
yourself righteous enough to be acceptable, nor can you ever do enough good works, and
3) the Waythere is no path to Heaven apart from
; just any of all roads will not get you into the presence of God on good terms; there is no other name or alternative way under Heaven by
which we can be saved.  God has been diligent to warn that many, including multitudes of those who profess to be Christians, will perish, for all
eternity, in
the Lake of Fire and Sulfur (brimstone).  But, if you understand this and want to go to Heaven, Jesus is the Way, He is the
Truth, and He is the Life
.  God does not desire that any should be banished to that Lake of Eternal Fire.  His preference is that all men should
repent, and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus the Christ of Calvary (
II Peter 3:9).  Trust Him today want you?  Simply confess that you are
a sinner; acknowledge that you understand that because of your inability to save yourself, you now know that Christ has already come and paid
the penalty you could not pay for your forgiveness before the Father; thank Him for all He has done on your behalf.

a model for how to approach God in prayer, use the one given by Jesus to His apostles in Matthew 6:9-13:  Our Father in Heaven; Your
Name is Holy; let your Kingdom now come; may Your Will be done here on earth, as it is done up there, in Your Heaven; give us this day our
daily bread; and forgive us our wrongs, as we forgive others, who have wronged us; Lord, do not intentionally lead us into temptation (and
times of testing), but do delivery us from all evil; for yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever,
The Narrow Road to Salvation  
Which way?  How do we get to Heaven?
Copy Right 2005
By Alvin Mitchell
God’s Command
The Invitation of Christ and of the Holy Spirit
The Strait Gate
The narrow road to Heaven
Works:  Apart from God’s plan
Self-effort expressly forbidden
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