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Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?  The kings of the Earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord
and His anointed, “Let us break their bands asunder, and cast their cords from us!”
(Psalms 2:1-3, KJV) The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
(Psalms 14 & 53)  In general, these attitudes were true of man long before the Psalmists first penned these words.  They were still true many centuries later when the King
James writers published their version of “
The Book” in 1611 and, at this moment—in this enlightened, well informed age—not one day goes by but that we are solemnly
reminded of the trustworthiness of these same assertions, even yet, thanks to the efforts of everything from the ACLU to crooked, corrupt courts and other special
interest groups, from every aspect of the media to even the physicists and scientists, whose very own words defy and belie their own works!

How to relieve or deprive
the Holy One of Israel of His rightful place as Creator of all that is--to weed Him out of His very own creation process/equation--aaaah, that
would be
the enigma—ceaseless, primordial, ageless as timeless.  Of all the challenges facing, and/or having been faced down by man, this one has to be the most
daunting.  In spite of all that he has seen, witnessed, learned and accomplished—more in the past one hundred years than all previous generations of civilizations combined
over six thousand or so years!—his evident brilliance fails perpetually to bring him to his knees, at the foot of the cross, in humble submission to Him who is
the Great
Creator and Sustainer
of the entire cosmos.  Instead, he continues on daily in what might just as well be a rant of a chant, “In the beginning,
KABOOM…KABOOM…KABOOM, KABOOM, KABOOM…” and everything that is—right down to the very particles and principles which under gird them,
making their existence possible—leapt into being!

Yes, the modern sciences have all opened up many new vistas and avenues along which to explore, as we gain new insights and understanding into the world and universe
in which we live.  Perhaps the mother of all science’s new finds and revelations might be summed and given voice such that
GOD’S UNIVERSE is nothing, if not a grand
of objects, systems, and events composed around one ultra-microscopic theme, in ninety-three (or so!) naturally occurring variations, themselves resting atop
the same three fundamental foundations (pillars)--all finding commonality in raw energy (itself reducible to….nothing!) .  Tireless objections to the place of our Holy God
in the great creation equation has done nothing to sully the evidence of
His mastermind behind the existence of all that is.  No sssir!  The fact remains that the scientist—
corporately or individually, no matter his intellectual discipline, his acknowledged flair and prowess--as much amiable as amicable--in the arenas of systematic problem
solving notwithstanding—has yet failed miserably to absolve our
Yahweh Elohim, the great “I AM” (Hayah) Self-Existing, Eternal God, of His rightful place as Creator
of the whole universe and everything within it.  Hence, that which might well be termed the Divine Imperative abides in stride--unabated!

Thus, then we can conclude that
the Holy Enigma in Light of a Divine Imperative is such that God—having stood up in eternity past and laid claim to all things as His
prize creation and possession (and that, rightly so, for He is Creator of all)—has thereby created a dilemma for mankind—whose chief preoccupation is treatment and
dismissal of any such notion as vile and untenable—given that, for all of his effort to the contrary, he—in the midst of much observation, research, and study—keeps
running into, as it were, fingers that point unswervingly, inextricably, inexorably to the need for an Intelligent Designer, one having manifest intelligence and intellectual
capabilities far exceeding his own!

With all that in mind then, we begin this study with a bent toward establishment of the particulars of just what the Bible teaches, in terms of the origin of things, and how
its teachings differ from that of science, over 6000 or so years.  Is there in fact, any significant difference, we wonder?  Has the notion of a sovereign God, a Creator-
Sustainer of all things, at long last been laid to rest?  If so, how so, and on what basis?  (What in fact, does the Bible teach?  What does "science" teach?  Any objective
comparison here will require that both these questions be answered definitively, or as much so as possible.)

Moreover, we begin on a premise such that any appreciable look into
God’s creation story demands foremost the laying out of a time-line, or—more appropriately—an
upon and from which being perched to view as God acts out what He chooses to reveal outright in terms of the specifics of His creation drama.  In so
doing we can, or should, then be empowered so as to answer a number of
vexing/perplexing questions.  Most notably, perhaps, we seek to establish 1) the when and the
where of the Earth’s fashioning.  Did God plan, design, and construct our world in eternity or did He do so during the seven “days” of creation?  
2) What of those seven
 Are they to be accounted of as seven literal twenty-four hour days, such as the ones to which we are accustomed, governed in duration by the Earth’s rotation as
it revolves around the sun?  If so, why or how, given that in the opening verses unfolding God’s creative acts, it is clear as a bell, there was no sun!  God hadn’t made one!  
time, therefore, is it relative, or is it absolute—according to scripture?  (It should be noted that the Word of God nowhere offers merit or applause for belief in
assumptions which clearly fly in the face of His plainly stated truth!  If the plainly stated sense, makes sense--no matter how bizarre on the other hand--then
no amount of "easy believistic" ideas should be employed to ease the burden "God's sense" may place on one's own senses!
)  3) For what purpose did God first
create the Earth, and for whom?  
4) Was man its original inhabitant/tenant, or do the Scriptures—God’s written Word to mankind—give hints or clues suggesting that
someone else or something was put here first—and therefore has or feels it (he) has rightful claim to hereto, regardless of (or who cares) what God says?!  5) Why was
the Earth in
the chaotic condition in which it is introduced in the opening verses of Genesis 1?  5a) Is it rational to assume that our Holy God, who did everything not
only right, but well, the first time around during the seven days of creation, somehow bungled as He pieced the earth together from scratch?
 5b) Do we have Biblical basis
to warrant speculation such that there was
a prior cause for its condition?

the latter days, we’re told in the book of Daniel, when men shall abide by comparatively phenomenal travel schedules (12:4), knowledge shall increase.  Given the
recent proliferation of information in the area of the sciences and archaeology,
6) can we herewith foment and propound a solution, by which to satisfy these and similar
enigmas and thereby bring closure to bear upon them--establishing or disproving the viability of the Jewish Yahweh Elohim, Hayah in the thick of the great creation
equation?  Let us give due diligence to the ponderance of these and other provocative (thought provoking) considerations as we pry open and delve into the mysteries
accompanying the Bible’s presentation of God’s creative genius!


I. GENESIS 1:1 (See also Isaiah 45:12, 18; 48:13; 51:13; Jeremiah 10:12, 13)


A. TIME of the Creation:    None existed

The first thing one is lead to consider here is the “when” of God’s creative activity.  We should note up front that this statement is, by virtue of it’s inclusion of the term
“Heavens,” in a word or two, a broad panoramic sweep—one encompassing the whole of God’s work, right up to the day He finished and, thereafter, “rested.”  We know
this because God himself makes it abundantly clear that the “Heaven” was not created at the same time as the Earth, but on the second day (verses 6-8), while the objects
which now adorn the Heaven were not fashioned until the fourth day (verses 14-19).  Hence, we know furthermore that the Earth was created originally (not during, but
before the "seven days") and existed without it’s now well known, very essential “covering.”  But that still leaves us to settle the nagging question:  where precisely is “in
the beginning?”  This phrase appears to be one not unlike the words translated "day" and "create".  Each must be evaluated in light of the context within which God chose
to use it--His usage could a times be rather loose--not just in light of its meaning to the Jew.  That being the case then, was "in the beginning" within the confines of time, as
we know it (twelve hours of daylight followed by twelve hours of night)?  If so, how so?  Given that there was no mechanism by which to mark time of any kind—there
was no sun, no moon and no “stars” (which we now know to be themselves “suns!”  Billions upon billions of them, many of which are bigger and hotter than our own!).  
This we know because again God tells us.  There was darkness everywhere (verse 2), on the Earth and throughout the universe (such as there was!  There are still no
objects by which to mark distance or time).  We are told that the darkness was impervious to penetration by light, even after He gave command for its appearance (verse
4).  This being the case then, we conclude in concurrence that He who laid the foundations of the world in the presence of, yea, to the witness of the “sons of the morning”
(Job 38:7)—with the accompaniment from the beat and noise of their melodious song, and joyous shouting—must have done so at some point in eternity prior to the
seven days of creation and, therefore, prior to formation of the sun and moon by which time is now marked.  As, hopefully, we shall see shortly, there is absolutely no
rationale for assuming that the Earth was assembled within or on the “first day,” particularly in light of the fact that we are told otherwise, in no uncertain terms, by the
Creator himself.  Equally, there is no reason to believe that this was the least bit necessary.  About all that one can say with any real certainty is that the creation of the
earth was accomplished at some “point” in eternity, assuming it is possible to establish one absent “time!”  At that "juncture", there was no universe, as we know it.

It may also be worthy of note that “time” is not necessary to “existence” or “reality.”  Consider God himself and His holy angels (or even the unholy ones, for that
matter), all of whom enjoyed life and living before the mechanisms of time were brought into being.

B. THE AGENT OR VEHICLE OF CREATION:  Christ the Savior—John 1:1-3; Hebrews 1:2, 10; Ephesians 3:9; Colossians 1:16, 17
Alvin Mitchell
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