Let's face it shall we?  Those old, ancient
"scientists" after the order of the Thales' and the
Pythagoras'--being the early for-runners of our
modern physicists and scientists--were, even in
their pagan minds often drenched in the
foolishness of ancient mysticism, much closer to
landing a man on the moon, than scientists living
in the late 1800-early 1900!  Why, you ask?  How
can that be?

Consider.  While they were in no position to
capitalize on what they "thought"--and were not
able always to win popular support for their
views--they fully accepted and endorsed the idea
of a numbers based universe made out of
smaller units of that which can not be seen by the
naked eye.  By contrast, except for James
Dalton, no one in the early hours of our times
was ready to buy into the idea of a universe
consisting of things made out of atoms (in Greek
ideology:  tiny objects that cannot be further
subdivided) ( Mr. Dalton, as it were, balanced an
atom on the tip of a needle, stuck in the top of a
pole which he held high in his stone cold hands,
as  he--stiffen by death, melting by the hour-- lay
in a grave, hoping someone would eventually be
drawn to his "place" of realization.  For one full
century of 100 lazy, near lethargic years following
his moment of discovery and his serving of
notice, no one came! ).   
An old German engineered war machine of world war II
was often a real "test" for the Allies.  Having been trained to think and
formulate codes in one
direction, according to one set of rules--involving literature, the arts,music,
etc., and people highly trained in these areas--the Jerrys managed to
go one up on all else by cleverly trudging off in an entirely different direction.
They were able to facilitate this feat of dumbfounding befuddlement by
implementation of this complex, mathematics based contrivance known as the
"enigma".  With this machine, the German military planners and strategists
were able to fashion a system of codes, with which to maneuver their armies
and out fox the Allies, that were impossible to break.  The key to placating
the trauma of the "enigma" was acquisition of one, which, needless to say,
the Jerrys weren't selling!

God's universe has proven itself to be somewhat like that old war machine:
virtually, hopelessly enigmatic (and yet, the study and close observance
thereof--in keeping with the plan, the Will and the Word of God, is highly
beneficial and profitable to mankind).  For those "hell-bent" on denying the
of God and His involvement in the existence of all that is, there is little want
for dumbfounding befuddlement.  Fortunately, the modern scientist has not
had to risk life and limb--fighting a savage war (not a literal one, anyway)--
trying to acquire an "enigma machine", based upon which to decipher and
decode the world around us or the cosmos.  According to him, though not
necessarily in these terms, the evidence for Intelligent Design is all around us,
at every turn.  It took "intelligence of mind" for him to do in 100 years (or less),
what man or any civilization of men has not ever been able to do over six
thousand!  So how is it then that perfectly sane (?), highly educated and
scientists and physicists of our day look at our world and the cosmos and say,
"in the beginning, Kaboom", and all this that wasn't, is:  all without rhyme or

So, what do they know that we do not?  How does what they have learned
over the course of the past century, compare with the Bible in terms of how it
began?  The Book says that if God is true, then every man should be the liar.

This brand new, soon to be released book, promises to settle this debate by
pitting God's declarations in terms of the
physics of the universe against man's physics and his findings and
observations over the past 100 to 200 years.

The Good Lord willing, and as He continues to bless, it should be available by
the end of the first quarter of 2005.
Alvin Mitchell
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