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Alvin Mitchell
                The most significant Name in the entire known universe right this instance (even as we speak),
whether in the eyes of men (who don't recognize Him) or, in the Eyes of the God who "spun" Him, is that of
Jesus Christ the Nazarene.  Subdued maybe, unobstrusive certainly, maligned and often misrepresented--yet
powerful in its passivity, persuasive and influential--there is no name nearer and dearer to the Heart and Soul of
the Father, than that of this the Man from Galilee (Matt. 12:17-21)--not even in what might be termed that
"domain" or "extra dimension" outside of our universe, where God and His celestial host dwell, called Heaven
("crackpots"!  That's what the physicists would have termed anyone harboring such notions not long ago, B4 the
advent of a new scientific promise and proposal known as
superstring theory.  Though many still won't bow the
knee B4 God and His Christ, in acknowledgement of all they now understand of
the engineering behind all that
is, they are more and more resigned to exceptance of the fact that we--the creatures of earth--are not the only
ones extant and that our cosmos is not all that there is.).  In a day yet to be realized, we are told, every one and
every thing in heaven and earth will fall prostrate at the feet of this formally
uneducated carpenter,
acknowledging Him as God and Lord of all (Phil. 2:5-11).

Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of
Peace; Emmanuel (God with us)
(Isa. 9:6; 7:14; 8:8):  whatever the designation, however the portrayal, the Name is "moniker" to that which is
neither fiction nor fantasy.  The Name is, furthermore, the Brainchild,  
the Realization of a Conceptualization
of God the Father, the Almighty God of the Bible; a concept borne in His Holy Mind before He even laid the
foundations of the earth (Eph. 1:4; II Tim. 1:9; Ti. 1:2; I Pe. 1:20).  
It is He and He alone who defines the
, breathing into it meaning and substance:  Jesus Christ; Savior Messiah, God's Anointed One.  Pity then
the fool,
for only he will search for meaning amid the rubble and the rubbish of the arid, dry bones of reason,
bleached silly by the scorching suns of centuries of apathy and ignorance, propounded by spiritually churlish men
who refuse the thorough washing of their minds in the cool, ever fresh, freely flowing waters of the Word of our
God, the One who Lives.  Hence, all the competing theories, opinions, and assumptions, all the "beliefs" or
"feelings"--the measuring rods, water sheds and windfalls of analysis, the resort for today's backwards scholars
and "authorities", who seek constantly but, never arrive at the truth (II Tim. 3:6,7)--these, I say, are utterly
baseless and without merit.  They contribute nothing to the "who" or the "what" in Christ Jesus, no matter the
persuasion or profession of the men behind them, regardless of their status or station in life or the era of their
being--whether their intentions are good or bad.
 All therefore, who would see Jesus Christ (Jn. 12:20-22),
would do well to seek sight of Him first, and only, as God sees and portrays Him in His written Word,
The Holy Bible (It should be always remembered that God will not be taking stock at the "Judgment" to see
what any man's or woman's "beliefs" were or, how he or she "felt", nor will He be questioning how well we
adhered to the "beliefs", the "assumptions" or the "feelings" of this or  that teacher, preacher, scholar or sceptic.  
Rather, the question confronting us all in "that day" will be--"all controversy and nay-saying, notwithstanding,
given that there has always been those who have spoken and preached contrary to the Word of God obviously to
no avail in terms of its annulment--what did you do when brought face to face with My Son--whose Name is
Marvelous--per My written Word?  Did you embrace and commit to Him in faith, trust and confidence or did you
reject Him, in disbelief, in favor of what you wanted to believe?")       

Seeing and understanding the foregoing, then, we must also understand moreover that
the Name Jesus Christ is
ultimately second
to none in its import.  Yet, the Name is "bested" by great names from the past....albeit, on the
downside of life, as they are synonymous with words that convey disaster, cruelty, deprivation of autonomy, and
enslavement, among other things.  
Nimrod (some have suggested that he was a mighty hunter of men, in
opposition to God; the first true dictator), Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Napolean, Hitler, Stalin, Amin,
Charles Taylor and many others, all associate easily and readily with the terms like tyranny, and brutality in their
quest and thirst for dominance over their fellow men,  (even today in our beloved America, it is difficult to escape
 the often subtle reality that there are those among us who, if they had their way, would vent handily the
frustration of a constrained longing for supremacy, to be dominate, to have
the name, which holds all others in
subjugation).  On the other hand, of names which have influenced and/or shaped the lives of multitudes for good
(even being physically in absentia, having only been seen in the first thirty-three of the past two thousand (+)
years--a mere three and one half of which were marked by the humblest of assertion--His travels never having
exceeded a two hundred mile radius of His hometown),  
none reigns greater.

In keeping with His moniker "
Prince of Peace", that Name presides over the business of the winning of souls for
His Kingdom
, which will come, yet--unlike the imitation, perverted farces of Islam and Roman Catholicism--has
never a historical moment, except as it
rattles no saber, even as it brings to bear and raises the specter of no
as He champions the task of kingdom building.  An old Andre' Crouch tune proclaims "...there's power in
the Name of....
Jeee-suuuus..."  This was certainly evident throughout the Greco-Roman world, where all the
blood shed profusely and without mercy during those years was not from Christians trying to force converts, but
from the sabers and rapiers, the swords of the Romans (augmented by the teeth of lions) as they sought to stave
the peaceful change being wrought by proclamation of that matchless Name, Jesus.  Having been allowed to
succumb to the will and the saber of Rome and then, Roman Catholicism--in whose shadow He lay dormant for
nearly 10 centuries--we see yet another manifestation of power through peaceful assertion, as the Name (like a
long dead albatross) arose from the ashes of time, shook itself free from the oppression and repression of
Romanism without violent aggression on its part, to reclaim its rightful place upon the world stage, re-kindling the
winning of souls for that Kingdom, still in the coming.  Moreover, the abuse of the Name of Jesus in support
thereof notwithstanding, it was the undercurrents created by those spreading the Name which eventually brought
about the demise of the ignominious African slave trade.  And lastly, while it may well be argued that the same
northern white churches in America (some of which were so instrumental in the fall of slavery on U. S. soil),  fell
flat on their faces under the weight of apathy and indifference in the years following, it is no less true that it is the
Name, bounced off the lips of one individual which subsequently floored the American brand apartheid known as
Jim Crow (without him--his shortcoming nothstanding--it is unlikely that the American Negro would be free from
that kind of abuse, even today).  Truly then, there is power in the Name of Jesus!

Americans owe a debt of no small gratitude, to that Name.  Ever wonder how it is that a nation as inherently
wicked as any other can at the same time stand out so, having values and a system of government so diverse,
when its people are and ever have been in reality no more righteous?  Chalk it all up to the Name of Jesus, like it
or not!  Here
the proponents of the Name of Jesus the Christ have enjoyed a freedom and opportunity unknown
in other lands.  Without the Name, the relative "
stability" and "prosperity", the "hope" that is America would
not be possible--contrary to the thinking of many, of course.  As a case in point, consider the former world super
power, the U. S. S. R., a region of the world containing great resources, rivaling if not exceeding those of the
U.S.A.  Yet, the Soviet presence on the world stage as a force for good, is far less than that of the U.S.  In spite
of recent developments, the Name has never been allowed the same presence there, as here.  Presently, the
Europeans are busily hammering together a consortium of twenty-five "states", home to over four-hundred
million souls, which they expect will rival the potential of the Americas.  Without the presence of the Name,
however, any peace and prosperity is likely to be fragile and temporal, at best.

Thus then we have seen that the Name of Jesus Christ is in the Eyes of God the Father, the most significant
anywhere in the cosmos, subject only to His interpretation, greatest of all names, a promoter of peace, and
therefore, worthy of all our praise and acceptance.  And so, we join the psalmist in singing, "Alleluia,
Great is the
of the Lord our God..."!

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