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Back cover for "The Mystery..."

The focal point in the hunt for the “historical” Jesus can be
narrowed with pinpoint accuracy to one and only one authentic
source, worthy of recognition, and yet no one, not even His own
churches, knows Him!  Moreover, in this historical search, none
has ever thoroughly considered His own statements and
disclaimers relative to His person and being as spelled out in the
Holy Bible.  He who would know Him, then, but does not know
Him on this basis, does indeed not know Him at all now, has
never known Him, and, will therefore likely never know Him.  

For today’s professing Christian—particularly those of
industrialized, well educated America—knowing Him per His
presentation in the Word of the Living God is paramount.  It is
not an option.  It is and should not be dismissed as a matter of
less than the utmost in importance, realizing also that the
ignorance and apathy which doth so engulf modern Christianity
is utterly unacceptable in the eyes of God.  “
Get away from Me,
you who work iniquity, I have no idea who you are
” is a
prepared and canned
statement of disaffection and disavowal to
be issued to Christians, not unbelievers
.  Out of all their church
attendance, church and church-related activity, dabbling in the
Bible (calling that study), and, missionary work around the
world, multitudes (living today and in yesterday years) will have
done all never knowing Him; thus, He in the end will not know
them (“
…for, I never knew you”, is His planned, canned greeting
for these reject Christians.).   Thus, whatever ones own personal
every Christian in these terminal days should be diligent
to insure that whatever he does or believes, he does not die
ignorant of His Savior

By tackling a plethora of issues raised, and, of questions fired my
way while I worked on other writing projects, and by addressing
misinformation aired several years ago on the Bible Answer-man
Program, (in a series of essays) “
The Mystery:  Christ Jesus
proposes and promises to do what scholarship (past and present)
and millennia of scrutiny (by as many eyeballs) do persistently
fail miserably to accomplish with each new publication even, to
this very hour:  it will portray the “Man” God had in mind when
He birthed Him from Deity to Humanity at Bethlehem’s stable,
raising Him in and launching His short ministry from Galilee’s
dust bowl, known as Nazareth.  Non-believers fascinated by this
most fascinating of characters—having little interest in the Man
from Galilee otherwise—will be enthralled by what the Bible
actually does teach with regard to this most timely and most
present of all the ancient figures of antiquity.  

For every Christian, this book is a must read.  No Christian
should ever plan his obituary without having read it.  “
from Me…I never knew you
” means that while excuses will be
heard and entertained, none will be accepted, at the Great White
Throne.  Therefore, let me reiterate, every Christian needs this
you (all Christians) must know your Savior, not
according to your church/denominational views, or, one’s
own personal bias or perspective, but according to His
presentation (and representation of Himself, in His own
words) in the Bible, word of the God who Lives
A two thousand year old Icon, the Pinnacle in a virtual tale of
Founder of the global phenomenon known as
Christianity, yet no saint today knows Him;
He came to save a
lost world
, yet practically every church today is bound for the
pits of hell,
because He doesn’t know them (all pray to the
Father, making demands of Him tagged in His name; thus, He
knows their voices; they won’t hear His); He is at once a
and a Stumbling Block
to every denomination, among and on
account of whom He can now save no souls, the fundamental
reason why most, the vast majority of
American Christians
will never see Heaven; Yet, He will be
a Blessing and a Savior
to multitudes of heathen and pagans (this side of Martin Luther)
before His Parousia during the Apocalypse (possibly the seed bed
of the only mass gathering of saints, since t
he collapse of the
Roman Empire
).  Of His identity and nature, He made no
secret, yet everyone—Christian and unbeliever alike—remains
each trapped within the cob webs of his own illusions and/or
The Mystery:  Christ Jesus
by Alvin Mitchell
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