Alvin Mitchell
Copyright 2004 by Alvin Mitchell
Alvin Mitchell
Copyright 2004
There is about this....Person....what everybody "believes".  
Then, there's.....what....a lot of folks "think".  There are the
Christians, and Catholics; the Mormons and the
Muslims--the churched and the unchurched. It seems that
if anyone has ever heard the Name, he probably feels he
has a right to render an opinion, which he thinks everyone
else is obligated to honor.  Then, there's the "skeptic",
crying foul in the face of fact (faith in a biblical view of this
Person, undaunted, and unyielding, relentless  in its span,
under the weight of over two thousand years of scrutiny
and criticism) even as he "fishes" fervently to foster fidelity
in what he knows--being anti-Christ sentiment--to be, by its
very "aged" presence, nothing if not his own brand of  
frivolous farce.  So many opinions; so much conjecture,
yet--with regard to "roots" or a "well-spring"--only one
reliable Source of information, in which, seemingly, few find
real solace.     

The quest for the "historical" Jesus has turned up little
beyond, and nothing more, in terms of reliability, than the
Source of all we know about Him, i.e., The Bible.  Much has
been written about this carpenter with no formal education,
possibly more taught, but does anyone (teacher, preacher,
Christian, non-Christian, writer, "scholar") really know this
Jesus of Nazareth?  What in fact does the Bible teach?  
Who was this Jesus?  "What"....was He?  Was He God?  
Was He man?  Was He a mix?  Understandably, Muslim,
Mormon, Catholic and "other" views don't square with Holy
Writ teaching regarding Jesus but, what about evangelical
fundamentalism or, the so-called "biblical or evangelical
world view"?  Is there "real" harmony between the popular
view(s) held by the churches in general and what the Bible
actually teaches?  

Realizing that the issue of the nature and Person of the
Man Jesus Christ is no trivial matter in the Eyes of God His
Father, this new book, "The Mystery...."--due to be made
available within the first quarter of 2005--promises to
answer faithfully and fully these questions and more.  The
average, earnest seeker will be surprised to find that
certain key tenets propagated by the churches and their
denominations are in fact not what the Bible teaches. The
biblical position simply cannot be taken lightly or ignored
by any professing a right relationship with God.

"Easy beliefism" is not an effective substitute for this or any
other matter of scripture.

A preview of this "must" read for all Christians has been
posted on this site.  Please click on the logo above, or
below, to access.  And, may God bless you.    
Since the very beginning, two thousand years ago,
opinions have swirled with regard to Jesus, and the
"who" or "what" behind the name.  In recognition of
this fact and the confusion and controversy He knew
His followers often did and would face, we hear Him
query, "whom think ye", or "who do men say that I am"
(at this time, there was no New Testament record
upon which to rely)?   Over the past twenty
centuries--beginning with the common folk, the wealthy
and educated folk of His day, the various "councils"
(battling to correct "heretics" who pandered their own
views) of the Constantine era, the evangelicals and
fundamentalists of our times--many have tried (some in
good faith, no doubt) to pin the correct tail on the
donkey, as it were.  Many will argue forcefully in
defence of his or her personal "
feelings" or "beliefs"
or "
ideas" about the person and nature of Jesus
but, do these in any way define the Man?  
Discounting altogether the "ignorant and the unlearned",
how many of those even among the "
authorities" and
scholars" actually know Him?  In the wake of no
other reliable source, and in light of the only one, who
among scholars, teachers, preachers and "authorities"
actually perceive Him the way
God presents Him in
the Bible
?  When we see them grappling with the
multitudes of "opinions" gleamed from
the fields of
centuries old ignorance,
we cannot but wonder, "did
anybody ever tell these folks that
God makes a
definitive, comprehensive statement about His
Son the Christ, in His written Word, the Bible"
Some of them are Bible School, Bible College and
Seminary educated, you know--often sporting
doctorates and ph.d's and such in evidence!      

Obviously there is no way one can ever realistically
expect to sift through all the different view points of
men and, in the end arrive, having pieced together an
accurate (much less a biblical) portrait of the Man from
Galilee (this even a fool knows).  That leaves then, the
viable alternative, which is in fact the only

This new book, "
The Mystery:  Christ Jesus",
proposes and promises to do what, apparently, no one
else has:  it  paints
an entirely biblical portrait of the
Jesus Christ, untainted by the frailties and faults
of the ancient "councils", or the modern twists of
evangelical fundamentalism.  Whether you love Him or
you hate Him, whether you believe or disbelieve His
claims, this is "must" reading for all who would know
Him up close and personal, per the only extant witness
purporting first hand, intimate knowledge of His being
and persona, the way God meant that He should be

Click on "the Mystery", to get a foretaste of the book.  
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