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Welcome to our humble site here at The Bible Study Hour .net.  We thank and praise God that you took the
time to visit with us.  It is our sincere desire that you will be blessed and informed by the information and
products we have to offer here.

Our chief
goal  and ambition at this site is to lift high the name of our Lord and Savior--Jesus, the Christ of
--and to further His Kingdom by the information and incites shared here, and in three new
books (listed below).  While these books propose and promise to detail areas we know to
be of great concern in
the Father's Eyes, these same areas are--by many local churches  and most
tele-vangelists and all too many "radio-vangelists"--deemed irrelevant (too controversial) and/or they are poorly
handled or, simply dismissed altogether
(thus, in so doing they put themselves on an even footing with God--thereby minimizing or
His Words, in favor of their own--who said "all scripture is God breathed, and is beneficial as a source of instruction, for
conviction, for straightening up again, for education and training in righteousness, so that the people of God may be properly
equipped/prepared, ready to do the work of His Kingdom." II Tim. 3:14-17)
.  Yet, in keeping with God's Supreme Desire that
all should know, many Christians or would-be Christians, ask and seek for answers, only to turn up
(effectively) empty handed.  This is due in part to a lack of preparedness, apathy or a lack of real concern on
the part of those who pass themselves off as teachers and preachers or,  as "authorities" of the Word of God.  
Some are actually "...
wolves in sheep's clothing..." (Matt. 7:15-20).

In dealing with and addressing the many issues and questions we hope to here on our site and in our books, we
will seek diligently to thoroughly treat each one "
biblically"--keeping all free of the taint of denominationalism,
evangelicalism and fundamentalism (as far as possible), given that when one gets right down to the "nuts and
bolts" of the matter, even these can, in truth, be dead wrong, particularly in some key areas of the Word of

The three books we hope (prayerfully) to make available soon are:

The Mystery:  Christ Jesus (I Tim. 3:16) (of all the people and organizations quick
to voice opinions, who among them really understand Him the way God presents Him in the Bible?)
2) The Holy Enigma in shadow of a Divine Imperative (science at long last
having powerfully proven its metal, does that now mean that "God" is "myth"?)
3) CHRISTIANS:  Oh!  Are the "saints", bound for heaven or hell?  (will all who profess faith in Jesus
Christ go marching into heaven, through "pearly gates" along "streets paved in gold"?  Is that what the Bible "teaches"?!)

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Thank you once again for stopping by and may God richly bless you.
One of the fundamental problems facing the churches today is such that most do not understand (or care!) that while the "game" of
can be played out, down here, on any field of their choosing, in accord with whatever terms they propose, the fact remains
(is, and will always be)--
of this God would have none to be ignorant--the route through Pearly Gates can only be run--and is
therefore ultimately only
guaranteed--when the "Game" is played, per the rules of Heaven, all of which are spelled out in (and only in!)
God's Play Book,
the Bible.  No cult--be it Roman Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses,etc.--has ever, nor will
they ever, supplant or improve upon this Plan, whatever their several perfidious claims. Two thousands years of  these imitators, their
cultic activity, and other nay-sayers has not changed a thing, as rather they have served only to highlight the viability of (none can or has
ever matched its influence), as their presence (the Lord Jesus said they would come) only proves the veracity of this imcomparable Game
Plan of The Supreme Almighty One.  Pity then the denominations of Christians (evangelical, or fundamental) having failed to govern
themselves according its dictates.
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