The End of the World
Original Sin
By Alvin Mitchell
Copyright October 2005
Nelly, an apparent student in Australia, has prompted the following discussion, based on a series of issues of concern to her, some
raised by her friends, some of whom are Muslims.

1. Can you explain what does the bible verse means about the end of the world..i don't really
remember where it is in the bible but it is about "
only Father in heaven knows when is the end of the
. Even angels and Son Himself also don't know when is the day come". i quite confuse because
Jesus Christ is the son of father and He is the second person in the trinity and He himself is God
but why it was said Jesus Christ himself didn't know when is the end of the world if He is God?

Hello, Nelly:

All the issues you have raised are very, very good.  Thank you so much for giving us here at the this grand opportunity
to assist you in their resolution.  Now, the “end of the world”, referred to by the Lord of all Christians is an allusion to the end of time as we
know it (time ‘as we know’ it will end at that point where the Son comes to rule the earth for one thousand years; it will end altogether
thereafter).  There are many things that must happen before this time can come, but, it will come; believe you me!  The Bible record indicates or
suggests that Jesus may have, and most likely first spoke to His apostles along this line in Matthew’s Gospel, 13:39, 40, 49 (here, Jesus is
making reference to the end of all time, and of the world.).   During and perhaps nearly culminating His many walks and talks, and His ministry
among them, the most graphic and therefore the most memorable mention of the end of the world, however, was in response to questions raised
by His disciples in Matthew 24:3.  Needless to say—as was often the case—they did not fully understand the gravity, weight, or scope, of what
they were asking, nonetheless the Lord Jesus went into some detail, talking about those events which would (and would not, necessarily)
indicate the ‘end of the world’.  While they thought, that, that of which He spoke was “near term”, it was in fact “long term”, or something that
would not occur for many years after His discourse.  
As for when ‘the end of the world’ would come, even He the Son of God, did not know, per Matthew 24:36 (no one knew, Jesus told them,
except the Father up in Heaven).  Why was this, you ask?  The answer is probably best summed and fleshed out by the words and teachings of
the Lord Jesus Himself.  They are found primarily and most predominately in the Gospel, according John the apostle.  Consider:

  • Jn. 3:34; 5:43; 6:29, 38, 57; 7:28; 8:16, 42; 11:36; 12:44, 45; 17:3, 4:  the Son’s coming was not arbitrary, or, something that He
    simply took upon Himself, independent of the will and mind of the Father; God having sent Him, He came only in the Father’s name, not
    His own.  This was per the plan, laid out before He even made the world upon which man—to whom the plan would apply (Ephesians 1:
    4; II Tim. 1:9).
  • Jn. 4:34; 5:17, 36, 6:38; 9:4; 10:11-18; 11:25:  the Son’s will and work were always conscientiously kept in strict alignment and
    accord with that of the Father.  He never in any way violated that original plan.
  • Jn. 5:19, 30:  the Son’s power and authority rested solely in the Father, who lived in Him via the presence of the God’s Holy Spirit
    (the Spirit took up residence there, at the commencement of His earthly ministry; He remained there until His crucifixion—see Matt. 3:16-
    17); left to His own devices, without the Spirit, He could do nothing:  whether in speaking and teaching, or in working of the miracles He
  • Jn. 7:16; 8:26, 28, 38; 12:49; 14:24, 31; 15:10, 15; 17:8:  the Son’s doctrine, i.e., none of the things which He spoke about and
    taught were His own; He was not making anything up as He went along  (everyone who knew Him, knew that He was ‘formally’,
    uneducated, which means He was not taught or in anyway influenced by any of the Pharisees, scribes, or rabbis of His day.  How then
    was He taught, you wonder?  Stay tuned!).  Nothing He knew or taught came “second hand”, or through someone else, as rather Jesus
    was taught all that He knew, directly, by the Father (so that, per Luke 2:40-52, by the time He was twelve, He knew virtually everything
    He needed to know and understand in order to successfully complete His mission and ministry).  In short, though He was the Son of
    God, Jesus (per His own admission) did not come into this world knowing everything He needed to know.  He had to be taught, and that
    instruction came solely from the His Father, up in Heaven.  Jesus therefore knew and taught nothing, except as He Himself had been
    taught of God our Father.

Thus, Nelly, to answer you query more directly, Jesus did not know when “the end of the world”, as we know it, would transpire, simply
because, strictly because—when He was a Man here on this earth, walking among the men whom He created—
God had chosen not to tell
.  All of the attributes and characteristics He had enjoyed in the beginning as God (in Spirit form), had been given up at His transformation,
including His ability to know all things (
Phil. 2:5-11).  Therefore, He did not know.
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End of the World/Original Sin

2. I have a muslim friend said that nabi muhammad was mentioned in the bible. is it true? He also
asked me why Christian so difficult to be understood not as islam which was made easier by God to
be understood.

There is no such mention of this person ‘Nabi Muhammad’ anywhere in the Bible.  

As for
why the Bible is so difficult to understand, the truth boils down to a matter of design and structure:  namely God’s.  He designed the
Bible so that it is easy and interesting to read, however, at the same time, on the other hand, it is so structured that in order to get the message
that God designed the Book to convey and deliver takes a bit of, shall we say, “stretch”.  That is,
one must work, and study to fully apprehend
and understand, i.e., to get the point, or the message
which God has embedded between the pages of the Bible.  The beginning of this
understanding rests first and foremost in faith, trust and confidence in God, followed by walking with Him daily, allowing Him to guide, to teach
and to instruct you (similar to the way in which He taught our Lord and Savior Jesus).  All who seek understanding having failed or refused to
govern their approach to Bible study along these lines, will in the end reap only confusion and lack of understanding (in the midst of whatever he
can comprehend).  It will ever be difficult or impossible for them to ‘get the point’ of His message, contained within His Book.  The fear of
God, and belief that He is real is the beginning of or, it is ‘bedrock’ to the wisdom needed to fully comprehend the Bible (
Psalm 11:10;
Proverbs 1:7; 8:13; 9:10; Hebrews 11:6
).  Therefore, Christianity does and will continue to make no sense to the Muslim, or to anyone else,
having failed or refused to cultivate a right relationship with God based upon repentance and obedience.

Islam itself is but a murderous, man-made perversion of Christianity, not an improvement spun by God.   

3. the friend also asked me why in the bible mentioned God and Allah? may be he thought that God
and Allah are different 'people'.

The Bible never makes reference to God as ‘allah’, although it does refer to Him by many different Names, almost all Hebrew in origin, though
some are Armaic.

4. I would like to know what actually original sin is because many friends from other religion
asked me why in Christian sin can be inherited? their point is baby is born without sin so why must
the baby cleaned from the original sin via Baptism?

Where mankind is concerned, the original sin is that of Adam, who chose to obey the voice of his wife (who succumbed to the temptation of
the serpent) over that of his Creator, who had told him never to eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (
Genesis 2:16,
).  Therefore, he fell, and thereby failed a simple test based upon which his life then became the template, or the model for all humanity to
come after him.  It is because of him that every man, woman and child ever born into this world, of Adam’s race, is born a sinner in God’s
Eyes (
Romans 5:12-14, 19; I Cor. 15:21, 22; Eph. 2:3).  The only exception is Jesus the Christ, who while He was born of Mary, a fully
human mother,
His conception was a miracle of the Holy Spirit of God—whereby He being originally Himself an eternal Spirit, like the Father
and Holy Spirit, was transformed and “repackaged” as it were, into a body of flesh and blood.  This act of God rendered His body viable, minus
the sinful nature imparted to all other humans born of Adam’s seed.

No baby is ever born free from sin (all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.  There is none righteous
Romans 3:23). No baby can be,
has ever been, nor ever will be cleansed from the sin imparted by Adam through baptism (water baptism, or otherwise; this appears to be Roman
Catholic dogma, which is absolutely wrong.).  
Sins, of any kind, can only be cleansed, so that a person can receive forgiveness, by the
blood of Jesus Christ
, which He shed freely and poured out on Calvary’s cross.       

Thank you very much for your response

You are so welcome, Nelly.  Let me know if this is in anywise helpful, ok?  Thanx.
Serving Him whose blood alone can cleanse our sins,

Alvin Mitchell

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