The following is a sample reading, actually the Preface, from the book of the above title.
Whatever might be said in terms of the good done by the fundamentalist (maybe even the evangelicals) in the preservation and spread of the gospel and faith of
our Lord Jesus Christ, in America and around the world, it cannot be understated that there has been significant damage (how ever subtle) done in key areas of
doctrine.  Our Lord warned of false teachers and prophets who would come, bringing their own brand of "Christianity" (
Matt. 7) and of those within the
churches--actual Christians--who would not only buy into their pernicious doctrines, but demand and give deference to the same, over the Word of God (
II Tim.
) (this I have seem and witnessed with my own eyes!).  These are pretty much in control and therefore dominate the American church scene, even as we
speak.  Each having his own brand or spin on apostasy, few if any make any meaningful effort to govern themselves in accord with the Will of God.  They
therefore, are not our chief concern, as we cannot expect, realistically (based squarely on the Lord's own prognosis) to ever be rid of them.  Rather, that which
concerns us most is those souls (few though they be, saved and unsaved; precious in the Lord's Eyes) seeking for answers from the Bible, only to find
themselves (often without realizing it) stuck in (with no other alternatives beyond) the "mess" of the "muck and the mire" of denominationalism's aberrant
doctrinal quagmires (fundamentalist, evangelical, or both).  To that end then, we do dedicate this work, and we pray God's richest blessing hereupon, as well as
upon all who seek diligently to know, understand, apply and spread the Truth of His Word, as they aspire to do His will.      
Alvin Mitchell
Copyright 2004 by Alvin Mitchell

We are (for now!) so blessed in America today, even in the midst of what are tough times--poised only to get worst.  We should be the most thankful nation on the
planet, giving praise to God continuously, both churched and unchurched:  lifting His Holy Name--in word, in deed, in teaching and preaching, in song and praise, in
prayer--high above all others.  No Christians (at any point in history, at any time, anywhere on earth) have ever been more blessed than have those of us here in these
United States.  Yet, while in arrogance, secular America dismisses God altogether as irrelevant (dragging His Name in the dirt at every provocation)—the church
effectively thumbing its nose at the prospect of any holistic involvement of God in their lives on any kind of a day-to-day basis—has any ever been more cavalier,
about the things of
Yahweh Elohim, Hayah?  

There are millions here in America (perhaps hundreds of millions, around the world) who profess to be Christians but, how many of these “Christians” have just
“cause” to believe they will ever see the Presence of God, on “good terms”?    Did not Jesus Himself issue solemn warnings [“…not everyone who calls Me Lord….”
(Matt. 7), “Why are you calling Me Lord….” (Luke 6:46), “…many are the called, however, few the chosen…” (Matt. 20:16), etc.] to indicate that one’s
profession of faith was something that should not be taken lightly, given that He certainly will not?  These warnings might moreover be construed as positive
reinforcement for our “Lord’s declaration of expectation”, “…to whom much is given, much is expected..”
(Luke 12:48).  Is it fair to say, then, that because one is
a Christian (that is, one who really does believe that there is a God, and that Jesus was a real person), even having made all the “right” professions of “faith”, having
been busy and active in some form of service or ministry (ostensibly, for the Lord), he can therefore rest secure, for he is saved throughout all eternity (knowing that
the devil and all his demons also “believe”, have “faith” in the reality of both God and His Christ, but do so “trembling” (James 2:19)?  Does the Word of God
actually teach a Christian’s “eternal security”, or is this kind of teaching the brainchild of aberrant evangicalism, fundamentalism, or some mix of them and/or some
other denominational, errant dogma?  How many are actually aware, and therefore, fully understand that the Bible actually does teach, that
there will be Christians
in the devils company, forever and a day
—not just “sinners” and unbelievers?    

Is it any wonder then--in light of the foregoing--that the local Christian churches of our times are in the end such worthless platforms from which to launch a proper
relationship with the God of all creation?  What else can they be, when no one—not teacher (on virtually any level), not preacher (even those with all matter of
seminary training and degrees), nor person in the pew—will submit to the one authority capable of guiding them into all that God wants them (or us) to be?  
Consider:  the scriptures teach that "all Holy Writ is God breathed, and is therefore helpful and advantageous in the areas of instruction, conviction (admonition), for
straightening up again (assisting wayward or lost ones to get their acts and lives together), for education and training in righteousness, so that the man or woman of
God will be complete (fresh), fully equipped to do the work, and live the life, that God has laid out for them".  Most churches--in their Sunday schools/Bible studies
and from their pulpits--will read and recite this and similar passages with great reverence, fervor and authority, and yet, in the finale do absolutely nothing to follow
through!  Some preachers make positively no effort to get involved so as to ascertain that (if they even bother to attend) their Sunday school departments are on
sound biblical footing while they--opting to speak from only one scripture passage per week; over many, many years of ministry, in some cases--never seek to lead
their flock to a full appreciation of the Word of God. They refuse to lead (even as their congregations in many cases “choose” not to be lead!) through any kind of a
systematic, verse by verse study through the entire Bible—hence the horizon is and has been and doubtless will ever be littered with ministers, old and young, ill-
prepared to “cut straight” the Word of God (
II Tim. 3:16) (sadly, I do suspect, most do not even bother to study their own Bibles, choosing rather to study
thousands upon thousands of sermons that somebody else wrote--who most likely did the same sort of thing themselves--in which cases, they never really know or
care what they are preaching!  Thus there is for them, never any genuine "walk with God".  They never get to know Him of Whom they profess to preach.).  
Therefore, they--both preacher and the "preached"-to--say in affect to the aforementioned injunction of God, "no", but we will teach only what we want to teach; we
will hear only what we want to hear!  Your Word in full is no longer relevant or valid, for this day in which we live ("that was yesterday, this is today!", the
preachers say; even as many ministers in the Denver area stoop to forming unsightly alliances with and receiving cues, if not marching orders, from  Muslims (Black
or otherwise), who look with disdain upon all who put their whole faith and trust in God--as they see Him as a "crutch" upon whom no one should lean!).  
Consequently, many key aspects of the Bible are either never taught at all or, are simply glossed and/or "messed" over when they are touched upon.  To wit, some
despise the reality of a literal heaven and hell to come, choosing rather to believe that either/or is here and now.  They give no priority to highlighting the true nature of
our Lord and Savior--the Christ of God--during His earthly sojourn (a matter uppermost in the Eyes, Mind, and Heart of Him who is the Father; a matter with which
He is desirous that all should be thoroughly acquainted, correctly!).  As for the prophetic and scientific/physics aspects of scripture, neither those of the pulpit nor
those of the pews could care two "hoots" as to the Bibles uncanny accuracy in these areas, in the average of all churches.  And yet, the Word remains adamant, "all
scripture is God breathed, and so, as such must be taught for its beneficence and its ability to contribute to the building of a strong body for Christ", one fit for the
Master's use; one fit and capable of warning and winning lost souls, as well as wayward Christians—for hell is a hot place, eternity is a long, long time and, the devil
and company are not the only ones who will be there.

By virtue of this kind of attitude, multitudes of "Christians" sit in church after church, Sunday after Sunday, all over this country (and no doubt around the world)
thinking theirs is a "right" relationship with God, (some dying daily) never knowing that they are headed straight for an eternity in hell fire.  As will be shown in the
following brief, condensed study, God has not only taken great pains to ensure that the "the Way, the Truth and the Life" is out in the open, in plain view for all who
will to see, He has also taken great pain to point out repeatedly that there are "various ways and roads which look right to men (even to those who profess Him as
Lord), yet they lead only to death and eternal destruction".  Whether they are interdenominational wrong ways or, intra-denominational wrong roads, hell fire and
brimstone are the ultimate end of the line for all.  This God would have us all not fail to understand fully; in which case it behooves all Christians, everywhere to give
due diligence to the study of the whole Word, giving particular heed to those passages in which God is careful to highlight the kinds of "Christians" who will
invariably turn up at the judgment having refused to follow the prescribed "straight and narrow" road.  Unsuspecting as they are, these can only hope to hear from the
lips of an otherwise Loving Lord, the Lamb, in (for them) a Lion’s roar, “depart from Me, you who chose the iniquity of your own way, over the Way (based
squarely upon My Word, under the banner of My Cross).  The antithesis of the choices and decisions you made is such that you were left with no knowledge of Me,
on which account, I now do not know you”!

Yes!  We in America are truly blessed--Christians and non-Christians alike.  Those of us who are Christians have time, materials, and occasion--like those of no other
nation--none of which we can afford to squander.  We must be ever and always vigilant to insure that whole Word is taught, not so much by forcing it upon those
preachers and congregations who refuse to submit to its authority (we are told expressly, those will come), as by making absolute certain that the truth is readily
available to those in the faith who are unfortunate so as to have little choice but to attend gatherings of Christians like these.  The scarcity of truly God fearing, Christ
honoring Bible teaching churches or Christian congregations nation wide is very real.  

Not all who are members of local churches, active therein, and calling the Christ Lord—“Christians”—will be welcomed into everlasting habitations on the Heaven
side of the ledger.  This is a trustworthy observation, of which God would have none to be ignorant.  Having issued the warning and given the assurance, has He also
given any indication as to “why” and as to where the “boundaries” are, so that the “whoso ever wills” can check themselves and make the necessary corrections, or,
will wayward Christians just have to live out their time here, only to find out too late, that theirs was a lost cause?  Herein lies the purpose of this work.  Read and
may God bless you!

5)        “All Christians will be indeed be saved.”  (this according to Kermit Boone.  But are they, according to Jesus the Christ)

If this is true (where you and your church and denomination are concerned), then
folks like yourself make God a liar.  He says that many, if not most all professing
Christians are going to hell, alongside all the Godless and unbelievers.  In fact, it might well be argued that probably the only point in time where most or all Christians
living at any one juncture in history will go to heaven is during the period we call the Tribulation.  During those days, things will be black or white; one either believes
or he does not; one’s life will either confirm belief, or it will not; you are either a follower of the Christ or, you are not.  There will not be any time for gray areas.  As
soon as it becomes clear that one is Christian (or soon thereafter), he will be killed and/or his life will be made very difficult.  He will not have the time or luxury of
growing tired or bored in his faith and walk.  Few, if any, born-again during that period of hell-on-earth will live to make it through those horrible years.  Moreover,
the Book of the Revelation indicates that both Father and Son will be looking forward to a bountiful harvest of souls from this period.  

If the Lord were to come for His church today, however, the vast majority of professing saints would be rejected, only to spend an eternity in hell fire.  The white
American churches are more lead by a spirit of bigotry than by the Spirit of the Living God.  The black churches are inundated by a similar kind of a spirit of
rejection.  Both (and most others as well) are structured and lead so as to limit the effectiveness of the Presence of the Lord among them, or, to squeeze Him out
altogether.  They only want blessings, not instruction from, or, the leading of the Lord.  Thus then, the Christians welcomed into the Kingdom from the Tribulation
side of life will be those “born” from the ranks of total unbelievers, not from the church that is ‘left behind’.  You doubt the wisdom of this?  Then, take off the
blinders of your church or denominational affiliation and, consider the following soberly, and, as you do, ponder the Lord’s query in
Luke 6:46-49, “why do you call
Me Lord, and yet do not that which I command you?

·        Matt. 7:21-23:  The Lord Jesus here is not giving a description of the encroachment of the of unbelievers at the judgment, as rather His stipulation is such that
those coming have a perfect right to come and call Him Lord, as they are the residual of His unfaithful, wayward church; busy for Him, but not according to His
specification.  They did things their way not His; they refused to be instructed, per His word.  Hence,
they never got to know Him; for this cause, He does not
know them
·        Matt. 25:1-13:  another fine example of the Lord’s estimation of His earthly ‘body’, the church.  Among those who take up their crosses daily—doing His will
from a pure heart, waiting patiently, expectantly for His return—there will be those who know equally and believe in the Lord, they know and even expect that He is
coming (every bit as much so as the wise, and prepared saints), but, they will not prepare themselves in advance, according to ‘specification’.  The implication here
quite clearly is such that the Lord is not describing and contrasting apples and oranges, or night and day (believers and unbelievers), as rather
He has in view two
different types of mentalities which make up His churches
(that is, up to the point of His return, both these groups were recognizable, and acceptable as His
saints and His servants).  The watchful, awaiting wise who prepare themselves in accord with God’s plan will be accepted.  The unwise, foolish saint who believed
and yet spurned the word and will of God in his church activities, as well as in his daily life, will be rejected.  The Lord’s heart and eyes are toward those who “do”,
not just “know” His will (
Matt. 7:24-27; 12:50; 25:14-46).  
·        I Tim 4:1; II Tim. 4:3:  Paul in these passages is reiterating, and re-enforcing the Lord’s own predictions above, as he describes for young Timothy the
conditions of the hearts of church members during the closing moments preceding the Lords return
(this has nothing to do with ‘unbelievers’).  As they
insist upon recognition as the churches of the Living God, they will not submit to a healthy diet of solid Bible teaching, nor will they listen to sound doctrine, as rather
they tailor their church programs and activities (teaching and preaching) so as to water down or weed out the undesirable elements of “thus saith the Lord”.  They
select and hire their preachers and teachers accordingly.   
·        II Thes. 2:3, 9-12:  What will God’s reaction be to those (of “you”) who won’t bow to his written word and will?  Paul writes to the Thessalonians
concerned about the Day of Christs return, to the affect that, that day would not occur until or before the coming of the man of sin (the son of perdition) and, “
falling away first…
”  Those affecting the ‘falling away’ are believers or Christians turning their backs on the things of God and sound doctrine, not unbelievers.  
Paul goes on to say that God will aid their demand for lies as opposed to truth by rejecting them, locking them out of Heaven, even as He creates and launches the
basis upon which they will fall into a belief of even more lies.  These are the “Christians” who will enter the Apocalypse period, but will once more be “left behind”,
and out of the loop, as God harvests souls for His coming kingdom from among those who never believed before.  They will not be given the option of “repenting”.

Are you still not convinced, Mr. Boone, that God will reject and throw Christians into hell?  Then you must be totally ignorant of Jesus’ message to the seven
churches of Asia Minor, as set forth in the Book of the Revelation.  As you reflect again on Jesus’ words to His followers (not His “detractors”, mine you!) in
, “why are you calling Me Lord, while yet you won’t obey Me?!”, consider:

·        The church at
Ephesus:  once known and recognized for its fidelity, Paul warned of its downfall, upon one of his last visits with them; the Lord witnessed and
exposed that downfall.  Though they still existed for a time as a church, full of activity, all in His name, “…they had left their first love…” (were doing their own
thing; no longer walking according to His revealed word and will) Jesus warned, and so, consequently were on the verge and in grave danger of being rejected all
together, except as the ‘repented’.  These folks, sir, were about to loose, not just ‘rewards’, but their very salvation.
·        The church at
Smyrna:  this was a faithful church
·        The church at
Pergamos:  this is a church recognized for its faithfulness and hard work of the one hand, but, denounced and threatened with rejection due to
its commitment at the same time to compromise, in the form of unwholesome alliances.  They needed to repent to be accepted.
·        The church at Thyatira:  again, this too was/is typical of those churches which make great effort to do everything right, even getting better and stronger with
time.  Nonetheless, the Lord says, this type of church is divided in its loyalties (heedless of His gospel warning which says one cannot serve two masters), in that
one part is addicted to unwholesome compromise, which is utterly unacceptable.  Effectively, these churches (and those like the one at Pergamos), not unlike so
many here in America, have made their pacts and a peace with the devil, while at the same time they seek to reap the benefits of being servants of the Lord.  That
part will be rejected, because no saint can hold to the things of God and to the things of the devil, at the same time.  This type of a church, furthermore, is headed for
hell in a hand basket not just because of its divided loyalty, but because of the confusion it creates for new converts, and ‘babes’ in the faith who come in thinking
that ‘what is obviously wrong in God’s Eyes’ is right.  Thus they cannot develop into the strong saints God needs and desires for the winning of more souls by
whom to adorn His Kingdom (come out from among them, oh you My people and you be separate; do not touch the unclean thing).  The good part, however, will be
·        The church at Sardis:  another church typical of those which begin well, only to fall away over time.  These needed to ‘repent’ so as to be restored to
fellowship with the Lord (which means of course that forgiveness is never automatic, even for a ‘wayward’ saint), and to regain the promise of the privilege of
walking with the few among them, who would indeed walk with Him in His imputed righteous.  Therefore, this church—while being a church indeed and having a
reputation as such in the opinion of men (and perhaps other churches)—was in fact stone dead and cold, lifeless and for that reason worthless in the Lord’s Eyes.
·        The church at Philadelphia:  this to represents that church which in the Lord’s eyes is faithful.
·        The church at Laodicea:  as bad as some of the others are, this type of church represents the most reprehensible of churches in the Lord’s eyes.  It is
educated, wealthy, self-satisfied, arrogant, by no means fully committed to the things of God, although on the other hand, it has not completely turned away, either.  
They are at best ‘lukewarm’, a state of mind and being that the Lord Jesus simply cannot stomach.  They very much represent the churches of our day:  they make
Him want to ‘puke’.  As is, they are totally unacceptable, and unless they ‘repent’, they will be rejected and thrown into hell fire and sulfur.

Thus, what is that you said to me, Kermit—in tones that ring out like those of a dragon, who is that old serpent, the devil—“so come home Sir!”, is that what you
said?  As I stated earlier, one finds no cause for apology in his handling of the man from South Africa, as people asking for guidance are not always necessarily
looking to be lead.  I do believe that between me and
thee—having actually had the privilege of interacting with him, and, if I may so state, being a much better
student of scripture—I am better qualified to make the call as to how such matters should be handled than you; thank you very much though!  Moreover, I hope by
now you fully understand your evident lack of understanding in the area of God’s attitude toward His churches and the prospect of Christians going to hell.  
God has
a certain acceptable level of expectation for each saint
, and it is clear that His anticipation is that—for various reasons (usually due to self-will, as opposed to
God’s will)—many will not measure up.  
They will be rejected, and sent straight to hell (in much the same way as Adam was ejected and barred from Paradise in
the first generation of humanity was destroyed in the flood, though they had never been given any system of “do’s & don’t”, based upon or by which to
abide, or fall (no standards had been set); and
the “chosen people”, the Jews, were booted out of the land of promise, not once, but, twice!).  God has set plenty of
Old and New Testament precedent by which to illustrate that He most assuredly will do just exactly as He said He will do:
 Christians, while being perceived,
recognized, and registered in Heaven as such, will nonetheless be rejected and consigned to an eternal hell, along with every unbeliever—not just for making
mistakes or screwing up along the road to Heaven, but—for refusing to submit themselves in a preparation based squarely upon His Holy Word, i.e., for serving God
their way.  Attitudes that specify ‘do your own thing’ or ‘I did it my way’, in terms of establishing a right relationship with the Heavenly Father, through the Son,
will simply not ‘fly’ in the Father’s House.  Remember the Lord’s word’s, “
not everyone calling me Lord, is coming up to Heaven” and “why are you (wasting time,
yours or Mine)
calling Me Lord, when you won’t obey”?  Never forget also, that “there is a way that looks right to a man, although in reality it leads only to
”, and if the Lord is at all amazed, He is certainly not amused by those who dare to “…sit before Him as His people do, though at the same time their
hearts might be anywhere, except with Him
”.  Hence, oh yes!  Christians can and will be thrown into hell, sir!  And I might add, that if you (or I, for that matter) or,
any other saint are not careful in our walks, we too could wind up in that unlucky number.    

Thanks for visiting with us, Kermit, and for taking the time to respond.  Come again anytime—and, if you wish, give voice to any misgivings you might

Serving Him who calls all of His churches to a Higher Standard,

Alvin Mitchell
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