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                                        Prelude to the
                                          Is the End near?


By His life, by His example; by His word, teachings and by His deeds, Jesus Christ the
Nazarene placed a premium upon the Bible’s prophetic word.  And, rightly so, for—
His manhood memory refreshed and fully apprised of such by His Father—it was He
who sent the prophets, bearing messages He set in order, when as Almighty God, He
“hangout” in the Heavenlies, by the side of Him who was to become His Father, in a
future (then) yet to be created (huhn?!  Does that “freak” you out?!).  Any saint or
servant, professing himself to be a Christian and follower of Christ, can ill afford to
do less—for that would be to make Him and His Father, liars.  Thus, we understand,
then, that the study of biblical prophecy is for the Christian, not an option, to be
handled flippantly, or, dismissed lightly.  The preparation and preparedness (with
regard to frame of mind; whether one waits and watches expectantly) of many a saint
hangs in the balances, subject in part to proper handling and interpretation (his life,
habits, or, manner of living are governed and shaped to a degree by his level of
expectation, which could be considered a factor of his understanding; if he even

The Divinely ordained Sooth-Sayer:  God’s Divine litmus test
Should ever a prophet presume to speak in My Name, and the thing of which he
speaks does not come to pass, that is the thing which I did not speak, and that is a
prophet I did not send
” (Deu. 18:22).  Thus, may we not conclude that the first
litmus test of the word of any prophet, far more than its religiosity, is its historicity?  
That is, anyone claiming to be a prophet, speaking predictively on behalf of the God
Almighty, will be speaking and delivering a message designed and calculated to have
basis in future historical fact (this applies whether or not the messenger and those
hearing actually live to see the fulfillment).  It must come to pass, if the prophets
message is from God.  There is no other test.  So, how have the prophets done?  

All of their words have endured well the test of
time.  We have them on every hand,
exactly as the prophets delivered them, up to 2500 hundred years ago—at a time when
all that they spoke seemed outlandish at best, downright preposterous at worst!  In
the Almighty so tied His hands behind His back, as it were, set a standard so
tight, that there was not the slightest possibility any of His words would ever find
basis in reality, seeing the light of day, prior to the year 1900!  Beginning actually in
the Book of Genesis with God’s promises to Abraham, continuing here in the Book of
Deuteronomy, with the words “
I will raise up a Prophet,…”, and throughout the
Psalms and the prophetic books, it is a matter of historical record, accounted of in the
Greatest, most accurate of all historical records, that all
the Messianic prophecies
came to pass, exactly as planned and scheduled.  Against all odds and the voices of
many nay-sayers, doubters, scoffers, critics and skeptics, all of its purely
have been borne out by the physical science of modern archaeology (or, all the
work that has been done leaves little room for doubt in the case of those not yet
proven), leaving
the egg-of-falsehood-and-libel on the faces of those who dared vent
their disbelief in words of defamation against the God of the prophets, and His word
the Bible.  But, the Messianic prophecies and the historical statements represent only
about two-thirds of the story, at best.  
That in them, God and His word have faired
well so far is a clinically testable fact.  There are other prophetic statements,
in nature
, requiring and mandating sciences and industries, tied together at the hip, as
it were—by and built upon the platform of an intellectual discipline known now as
quantum physics—which either had not been conceived, or were simply non-
quantifiable prior to the year 1900, or, thereabouts (that is, some of the ideology
necessary to the ushering in of the realization of these prophecies were known, but
not understood, until well after WWII).  Given that these scientific, predictive
elements of the prophets’ messages were eschatological in nature, signaling the end of
time and the return of Israel’s Messiah,
how well does His prophecies fair in light of
the modern sciences
?  Was this aspect of His prophetic word ever doable in the first
place, or, were the prophets simply blowing smoke and hot air?  What are these
scientific prophecies, which transpire before and during the Apocalypse?

Motive behind the Apocalypse
What is this Apocalypse?  When will it occur?  Why?  With these questions in mind,
we commence this study by observation of the following:

My Spirit shall not always strive with man…(Gen. 6:3).  Since the pinning of these
words, by Moses (he lived roughly 1500 years B.C.), the God of the Bible has been on
record as having His Eye set on a day when the struggle between Himself and His
wayward creature, man, would have an end.  The biblical record signifies strongly,
however, that this struggle will end in neither truce, nor stalemate, neither will there be
any negotiated peaceful resolution or settlements (with men who will not bow, or,
submit to His authority and sovereignty), once the “bullets” start to fly (there will be
perhaps billions who will be saved, but maybe twice as many or more who will be
lost.).  He will take no hostages.  
[For persons living in the moments immediately
preceding the commencement of this horrific time of judgment,
the way of escape is
through faith, trust and confidence in Christ Jesus, as one’s Lord and Savior
same as always.  For those souls unfortunate enough to live past the beginning,
entering and experiencing some of the horror of this time of hell on earth, the way of
escape remains the same, albeit, at a price:  during those days, the most gruesome and
grueling of which will span a minimum of at least 7 years, Christians (and, toward the
end, unbelieving Jews, within 3.5 years of the Parousia) will not be tolerated, in the
least; all who dare to profess faith in God and His Christ, refusing (if ever they are
given the chance) to ‘recant’, will pay the ultimate price—with their lives (truth be
told, the Jews as a national, international entity will for a time be among the
persecutors of Christians, Jewish and non-Jew, as even today Jews who convert to
Christianity are said to not be tolerated in Israel (they are led by a Jew who in fact is
not a Jew—see sections on the Khazars, Ashkenazim, and Zionism).  As will be
shown, they will for a period of a minimum 10.5 years figure prominently, with a
controlling hand, in international affairs).

:1 Why are the nations (of Gentiles) tumultuous (restless), and the people
murmuring a worthless thing?  :2
The kings of the earth position themselves, and
the rulers consult together, against Yahweh, and against His Messiah
maw-shee-yach’:  Anointed): :3 “let us break their restraints (chastisements), so as
to minimize and/or diminish their influence, as we cast away their bindings from
us”…..In “retaliation” to the aggression of His puny, hopelessly inferior creature
He who sits in the Heavens will take up defenses set upon foundations of
, as He assumes a defensive posture awash in derision.  Then, He will get
serious, speaking to them in His Wrath; causing them to tremble inwardly (being
agitated and alarmed), in His burning anger (Heb.: charown)…He will break them
with a rod of iron…..
(Psalm 2:1-12)

Belligerent man, cantankerous in his bid for freedom, wants his space as well—not
only to set himself free from the “constraints” of the Almighty, on the one hand, but
He wishes to turn right around on the other hand and set himself up, both on the
world stage and in America, in place of God over his fellow man, even if he has to
annihilate him to do it.  History on every continent is replete with examples of this type
of ‘tyranny’.  Witness all the wars of the past, most notably WWI & Hitler’s WWII,
the “righteous” and bloody Stalin (Mao, Chochesku, Melochevik, Amin, Charles
Taylor, the Marcos’s)—and the heinous, atrocious attitudes and ideologies which
drove them all.   Consider also, the nations recently impoverished and devastated by
the awesome forces of nature, which while some are ready and eager to embrace
foreign aid and dollar bills in one hand, do brandish prohibition signs before the face of
God in the other (if that aid happens to come via Christian).  Equally as bad as an
unbelieving world that rejects God, is today’s American churches, white and black,
which while they pretentiously serve Him on the one hand, they do effectively
brandish those same ‘prohibition’ signs of their own in the other, telling God that He is
not welcome in their midst (
Rev. 3:14-22).

What is this “apocalypse”?  

While the Old Testament prophets like Zechariah and the New Testament writers of
the gospels and of the epistles give us much in the way of previews, snapshot,
glimpses, intriguing pieces of a puzzle, it you please, what else is to constitute or
characterize this time of future hell on earth?

For starters, the “apocalypse” might be characterized as a time such that man will not
only be given his day in court, well in advance of the final judgment, but he will as
well be given space and a place on the battlefield (first to darn near obliterate the
human race and the planet, venting and “working out his frustrations” with his
neighbor (particularly the Jew) then, to go “toe to toe”, in a face to face repudiation of
his Maker!).  God has set a date in which
He will Judge the world in righteousness…
(Paul in
Acts 17:31)!  In so many words, the Apocalypse is a detailing of an event
that will happen, but, it will only do so as part of a predetermined plan set by God
Himself.  It is not a happening that just “happens”.  Nor will it occur simply because
something went ‘unexpectedly’ wrong in God’s otherwise good creation.  
was the plan from the very beginning, before the creation itself.  Since
man will not submit willingly to the Authority of His Maker, God will give him
ample opportunity and space to fight for the prize/title
.  Our world is being
prepared, even as we speak, for just that event.  The “
Alien”, bearing and honoring
man’s right to reject and disdain his Creator will come, delivering that right (on the
platter of a silver “bullet”, as it were)—face to face, mono au mono—but at a price,
and the price will not be cheap; nor will He appear according to the antics and
physique of that hideous creature of Hollywood fame.

Webster’s New World Pocket Dictionary, 4th addition, defines apocalypse as “a time
total devastation, as in doomsday”.  The Greek, however, from which this our
English word is derivative, is the term “
apokalupsis” (ap-ok-al’-oop-sis).  While it is
somewhat akin in meaning to the Greek term “epiphania” (meaning:  a manifestation; a
shining forth, as in simply making something visible), apocalypse is said to be more
comprehensive in scope.  In its simplest sense, it means “disclosure”.  In its fuller,
more broad,
biblical sense, this term apocalypse actually refers to and depicts a
progressive and immediate unveiling of things otherwise unknowable, and
therefore unknown to even the church, except as God chooses to reveal them
It is the word translated “revelation” in the title of the last book of the Bible which has
been aptly titled “
The Revelation of Jesus” (some have referred to the book as “John’
s revelation”)
[insofar as it is His revelation (and is correctly cited as such in verse 1),
given to Him by His Father God—to be delivered to us, His church by John the
].  Hence, the term apocalypse—its usual reference being or pointing to the
Book of the Revelation—depicts a specific period in time, preceding which, life will
proceed normally, as usual, before experiencing a decided turn of events, all leading to
the “worst”, all of which when they start, will occur in what might be termed
relatively “rapid succession”.  Herein (and only herein) lies the basis for the Webster
definition, given that this period, as set forth in the Apocalypse (The Book of the
Revelation of Jesus Christ), will be characterized by war, unrest, uncertainty and great
devastation (brought on first by man, then by God Himself), as well as by intensified
hatred for and murder of untold multitudes of Christians (all “born” during these
troublesome, turbulent times; Christians living just prior to the apocalypse will be
I Thessalonians 5:1-8), and by a concerted, global, final push to exterminate
and eradicate the Jews
from the face of the earth—thus it will be a time of
institutionalized barbarism and of a barbarous brutality reminiscent of Hitler and the
Holocaust.  Hence, it might be argued that
the Apocalypse proper (strictly speaking) is
the unveiling of the fact of history’s destiny, an unavoidable, Divinely directed
rendezvous with this global, most
hellish of blights on the annals of time,
orchestrated and instituted by the Almighty Himself, to be culminated and capped by
the triumphant appearance of t
he God/Man, Jesus the Christ from Calvary’s Cross—i.
the Day of the Lord.  Hereby then, we know it to be a system of events occurring
just before the Parousia.  Of any substance, backed by literature of any substance—
religious, political, social, etc.— apart from the Bible’s account, there is no

When will this time be?  Is it possible to know?
The route or road through the
Apocalypse is clearly spelled out in His Word, the Holy Scriptures, but, how
might one know when it is near?  Are there actual indicators in the Bible (that
correspond to modern historical events), by which one can know when, or
approximately when this great event will take place? Does He envision
pouncing upon men in fury, like an anger lion, without warning, without
 Can one in anywise be fully apprised, or has the God of all Heaven and
Earth intentionally left His doomed world in total darkness concerning this
momentous event
The advent of the Apocalypse is sure, firmly established.  It is as certain as the exhalation that will
follow one's next intake of air.  The world of men and time, as we know them, will each soon meet its
full end, per the prophecies of the Word of God, the Bible.  Preceding the events of "
The Apocalypse of
Jesus Christ
", however, a preclude of major events or, signs--if you will--some general (more or
less, one might say), others catastrophic, must transpire.  These will set the stage for the time of the
Apocalypse, which will itself usher in the return of Jesus Christ, leaving in their wakes a time of intense,
world wide economic and political unrest and strife.

We could call certain of the prelude of major events leading into the Apocalypse "
a culling of the powers
that be", or, alternatively, a leveling of the playing fields.  During this 'culling' and 'leveling' process, all
the major powers and global threats of the world will be  severely beaten and vanquished per the plan,
mind and hand of Almighty God.  Leading the pack in this Heavenly
down-sizing of the nations will be
the total decimation of
Babylon the Great, followed immediately by that of the militaries of Magog, the
Arab world of Islam, and Gomer

The role of Russia and the Arabic nations, and, their association with certain of these end-times Biblical
entities is not left to chance, as they are clearly spelled out in the word of God.  But, what of
the EU,
the UK, and the US
?  The Bible is equally graphic in its depiction of God's disposition and determination
against them.  But where?  To whom biblically do they relate?

This new book, "
Prelude to the Apocalypse of Jesus", proposes that God's plan for the end calls for
elimination of the major players in the game of international power, prestige and politics.  All their
pedestals must be bashed and brought low.  Most powerful, most prominent, most visible of all, among
all is Babylon the Great.  She is to be first to feel the wrath of God.  The Prelude to the Apocalypse
details like no other prophecy book can, God's plan for these United States of America.  It will show in
near graphic detail how a potent, cosmopolitan force like Babylon can indeed be brought down in well
within the incredibly short time specified in the word of God.  
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