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Hello!  Welcome to our humble,
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in an unconventional way
, as an
Lion (first, however, to
remove what
should be His
unconventional church of people, then,
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Lion of the
--Rev. 5:5).  As you might gather from
some of the many graphics and articles throughout
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-we are all about "Jesus", here, not US!
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Jesus Christ
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Who Is Jesus?  Which denomination has the "dibs" on Him?
Easter Morning (The Crucifixion hours; Resurrection days)
The Melchisedec Connection
The Name (of Jesus)
Had Jesus Not Come (New! @ 01-23-05)
Jesus:  His nationality & complexion (New! @ 03/15/05)
Genealogy of Jesus Christ
End of the World:  Why didn't Jesus know?

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The Holy Trinity:  Hoax, Hocus pocus, or Holy smoke?
Heaven:  How do we get there?
Temptation, Sin, & Conviction (for Vijay Kumar)
Fasting:  Beware of the Traditions of Men (NEW! @ 03-02-05)
Mustard Seed Faith (NEW! @ 03-02-05)
The Bible, Science/Physics & Eschatology (New! @ 03/12/05)
Your Questions & Concerns Tackled (New! @ 03/30/05)
Gays, God, & Good Sex (clean and shame-free)!
The True Bible:  in the Koran?!!!
Kermits Critique, Critiqued! (10/16/05)

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"The Mystery:  Christ Jesus"
"The Holy Enigma...A Divine Imperative"(Now available for          
       preview, @12/29/04)
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The Israel of God:  Is God done with the Jews?
The Genealogy of Jesus:  Of two, which is His?
"Beam me up, Scotty!"  The "morphing" of God  
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John's Gospel
The Revelation of Jesus
The Popes of Rome:  holy
fathers, or holy fakers?  In God's Eyes?!
One of the fundamental problems facing the churches today is such that most do not understand (or
care!) that while
the "game" of Christianity can be played out, down here, on any field of their
choosing, in accord with whatever terms they propose, the fact remains (is, and will always be)--
this God would have none to be ignorant
--the route through Pearly Gates can only be run--and
is therefore ultimately only guaranteed--when the "Game" is played, per the rules of Heaven, all of
which are spelled out in (and only in!)
God's Play Book, the Holy Bible.  No cult--be it Roman
, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses,etc.--has ever, nor will they ever,
supplant or improve upon this Plan, whatever their several perfidious claims.  Click
here to read the
preface to the above titled book.                                      
      Do not leave earth without
God's Understanding"
            of His Game Plan
People close to Jesus Christ the Nazarene had varying view points of Him.  None,
outside of His "inner circle", ever saw Him as God.  He, for the most part, never seemed
determined to impress upon anyone that He was in fact Deity or Divine.  

So, who was He?  What was He?  What was His "nature"?  Could He "sin"?  Ultimately,
who decides the nature and person of The Christ--God or men?

The  goal of the "The Mystery:.." is to settle these and similar inquiry once and for all.

Click on "
Jesus Christ" to begin learning more about this, the most intriguing and--in
God's eyes--most significant person in the entire universe and, Heaven (Start with the
Commentary Page").

Also, be sure to check out "
The Name" and "The Gospel at a Glance".
Alvin Mitchell
This thought provoking question was one of several sent
to me by a theology student studying in South Africa.  
He gave is name as
Suleyman Watchwa, while he
himself is actually from Congo.  

The issue troubling Suleyman (and the others he raises)
is one which has been "assaulted" many times before,
by many different individuals, from probably as many
different angles and points of view, yet it seems to defy
resolution.  Would the real Jesus please step forward (?)
is the heart song and cry he shares with multitudes,
around the world.  With so many different opinions to
choose from, all claiming to be the "right" one, how is
one to know?

Click on title above to read this sample chapter from the
soon to be released book "
The Mystery:  Christ
Jesus".  This document alone should be more than
adequate to quell Mr. Watchwa's concerns.
Is man now "god"?  Is it safe at this time, in these
times,  to discard the old "God"?  Scientific
advancement, in virtually every area imaginable, in
only one hundred years has proven man--at least in
terms of his mind--to be quite a force, at least in this
"speck" of our corner of the known universe.  During
the early years of the birth of modern science, it was
thought, more or less,  that all notions of a "Supreme
Being" of the cosmos, i.e., God, would soon be
"disfranchised" and retired.  Sometime during the
mid-sixties or so, He was declared "dead".  

the Bible's version of "science and physics", of
the origin and make in its professed quest to relegate
God to the realm of "myth" and fantasy?   
science and
", of the origin and make up of our world and
the Bible's version", of the origin and make up of
our world and the universe  of "up of our world and
the universe been proven
science and physics false?
", of the origin and make ?
up of our world and the universe been proven

Well, maybe!.....then again, maybe not!  This new
study in
Bible apologetics pits physics according to
against "physics" according to the Almighty in
a "slug fest" none with
inquiring minds should dare to
miss.  What scientific statement or statements do the
Bible make, and how do they stack up against the
findings of today's physicists?   "
The Holy Enigma...A
Divine Imperative" promises a relatively thorough,
detailed accounting of both sides of this age old conflict.

Click on "
God, the myth" to get a foretaste of the
book, due to be completed by the end of the first
quarter of 2005.
This area of discussion is one requested via e-mail by one
named "
Subarayadu" (Ms. "Stephanie" Subarayadu, I'm
pleased to announce, @ 12/07/04, now that
she has been
kind enuff to respond to my alert to
her of this posting!).  
These verses detail events surrounding Jesus' initial
moments on the cross and the initial reactions to His
resurrection.  To read the commentary on these sections
from John, click the title above.
Ever read the account in the letter to the
Hebrews and wonder who or what He was?  
Did you ever wonder if there were, as some
have (prompting this study), others in this
"order"?  If you answered yes to any of the
above, then this discussion is for you!  Click on
the title to access the page.
Alvin Mitchell
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